Gemini makes award-winning vegan chocolate that is carefully handmade from bean to bar using Peruvian Criollo cacao beans. Our organic chocolate is mainly crafted from raw cacao beans for their natural flavour, nutrients and antioxidants. We also lightly roast some beans to accent their complex and intoxicating taste. The chocolate is stone ground with Palmyra tree blossom, which is the crystallised nectar from the flower of the Palmyra palm tree. It is a delicious and nutritious ingredient with an abundance of nutrients including VITAMIN B12! Gorgeous organic nuts, dried fruits and coconuts are also used to achieve our chocolate’s characteristic bitter/sweet quality – this is chocolate to live for.

Inspirational and Latest Bars
Orange & Tamarind
Coffee & Walnut
Cardamom & Chilli


Dark, rich, complex flavours make Gemini’s raw, organic chocolate a sophisticated indulgence. Explore our range to find your favourite.


Gemini’s award-winning range is packed with nature’s goodness, making it a healthier way to enjoy chocolate. Explore our range to find your favourite.


Treat yourself to the uniquely delicious bittersweet flavour of award- winning raw, organic chocolate. Explore the Gemini range to find your favourite.



Cacao Beans




Palmyra Tree Blossom



The Latest From The Blog

Welcome to Gemini’s blog, here we invite you to discover more about our chocolate, from recipes to the latest news from our chocolate atelier.

Why do 1 in 3 people avoid chocolate?

Bean To Bar Blog WHY DO 1 IN 3 PEOPLE AVOID CHOCOLATE? They think it's bad for them, that's why. Well we all know that the best cure for, well, just about anything is a big bar of chocolate but is it bad for you or good for you? Well that...

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Exercise in the snow

Snowy workouts to give your whole body a boost   Now this is normally the time of year that we'd be starting to get out and about, losing those winter love handles but with the Beast from the East throwing itself all over Britain some of you may be thinking that the...

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Gluten Free Dairy Free Coconut Brownies

Bean To Bar Blog Gluten Free Dairy Free Coconut Brownies With chocolate cake day coming up this seems the right time to share our indulgent gluten free and dairy free chocolate brownies. We've swapped nuts for coconut flakes, butter for super...

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Five Christmas Traditions That Celebrate Chocolate

Who doesn't love seeing their child's face light up on Dec 1st when they at last get to open the first door of their advent calendar and eat their first advent chocolate. Chocolate calendars are everywhere, from adult versions containing alcohol-infused chocolate to...

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A Week in Chocolate

We know that you love Gemini Chocolate’s unique flavours but it can be tricky to decide just which chocolate bar to eat today, and that’s why we’ve come up with this handy guide. Whether you have manic Mondays, terrible Tuesdays or slouch-about Sundays we’ve got a bar...

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