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Making artisanal chocolate is alchemy. You take the best base ingredients and treat them with respect to create something precious and rare. It was this magical spark of creativity that ignited Gemini founder Samuel Chandler’s interest in chocolate.

Something of a renaissance man, he is a musician with a Master’s degree from the Royal College of Music, but he is also a passionate foodie and obsessive about using only the purest ingredients to create uniquely delicious raw chocolate.

After finishing his studies Samuel returned to his native Yorkshire to conjure up chocolate that was meltingly irresistible, ethically produced and retained the natural health benefits inherent in the cacao bean, which are usually lost in mass-produced chocolate.

Working in his atelier he experimented with different ingredients to come up with a chocolate that defied its reputation as unhealthy. He switched out refined ingredients for for natural alternatives, using the crystallised nectar from the Palmyra tree blossom and Xylitol for sweetness, and whole dried coconut in place of processed fats.

The heart of any chocolate is the cacao bean and Samuel sourced the very best. Gemini chocolate uses only the single origin rare Creole cacao beans from Peru, known as the Queen of Cacao. These are the highest grade beans, prized for their complex flavour and aroma.

The beans are then stone ground and moulded into chocolate, which means that all the nutrients and antioxidants are preserved. All of Gemini’s chocolate is vegan and free from dairy, gluten, soya, emulsifiers or anything unnatural. 

Everything is still hand made and Samuel uses organic fruits, nuts and infusions to develop creative, unique, award-winning flavour combinations, offering unexpected and inventive fillings like puffed quinoa alongside more traditional hazelnut and coffee and walnut.

Gemini’s journey is still unfolding as Samuel continues to experiment to discover new flavours to add to his award winning range of uniquely delicious raw chocolate.

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